Warrior Goddess

“You must fight your own demons before you raise your sword in battle.” – Jagriti

When should I awaken my Warrior Goddess?

• When you’re feeling stuck or procrastinating on a goal that’s important to you

• If you feel like there’s been unfair treatment of others or yourself

• When you need courage to say “Yes” or “No” to a situation

Video: The Power of Warrior Goddness

Inner Focus: Cause

One way to access your Warrior Goddess is to have a cause worth fighting for. Something bigger than yourself. When we have a cause or a higher purpose which is meaningful, it has the ability to drive us effortlessly towards action.

Outer Gift: Courage

Warrior Goddess’ gift to the world is courage. She’s able to fight on behalf of those who can’t fight for themselves. She’s able to sacrifice herself for a greater cause. An example is Malala Yousafzai who stood up against the Taliban for girl’s education and survived a gunshot to the head.