By combining my experience in leadership development and the esoteric world of spirituality, I’m able to offer insights as a speaker which are unique, entertaining and thought-provoking.

How to choose a topic for a Keynote or Conference?

The Goddess wheel provides a lot of depth and insight into human behaviour and there are so many potential topics I could speak on.

Following is a list of suggested topics and we can also talk more specifically about what your audience would want to hear about. I’m able to tailor my speech or workshop based on the message you want to get across to the participants.

Suggested Topics

• You don’t need to ‘act like a man’ to lead in the workplace

• Awaken your inner Warrior – overcoming your demons

• Why you procrastinate and what to do about it?

• Magnetic Goddess: Is there room for vulnerability in the workplace?

• Lessons from Mystic Goddess: Entrepreneurs – Why goal setting is failing you (SMART Goals are not enough)

• Lessons from Wild Goddess : Stop hiding – step into your true power

• Lessons from Magnetic Goddess : Why chasing success is a fail!

• A Magnet doesn’t chase, it attracts: How to turn neediness into magnetism

• Innovation Secrets of Erotic Goddess: Is your lack of sexual satisfaction preventing you from innovating?

• Why you get jealous of another woman’s success and how to stop

• Lessons from Cheeky Goddess: Why burnout isn’t sexy

• Erotic Goddess: How to get your mojo back after having a baby

• Lessons from Nurturing Goddess: for new mothers – Mothering versus Smothering

• Wild Goddess: Stop faking your orgasm and your life

• Lessons from Mystic Goddess: Intuition versus intellect – how to know which to use

• Lessons from Magnetic & Erotic Goddess: Are you addicted to being “busy”?

• Warrior Goddess: Am I a strong woman or just a bitch?

Feel free to get in touch and share with me what your audience would like to hear about.

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