Mystic Goddess

“There’s a voice that doesn’t use words, listen.” – Rumi

When should I awaken my Mystic Goddess?

• When you need clarity for important life decisions and transitions

• If you seem to be making the same mistakes over and over in your relationships

• When you’re feeling sad, overwhelmed, confused or lost

Video: The Power of Mystic Goddess

Inner Focus: Intuition

When the universe speaks, you can only listen if your mind is quiet. Most people struggle to awaken their Mystic Goddess because they’re too “busy” to take time out to listen to their intuition. The only way to truly awaken Mystic Goddess is to access your intuition and to do this, you need silence.

Outer Gift: Wisdom

Mystic Goddess’ gift to the world is wisdom. Her insights have the power to change the world and those around her. She’s the one people turn to for sage advice and she speaks from a higher truth which is beyond judgement and social conditioning. An example of this archetype is poet and civil right’s activist, Maya Angelou.