Magnetic Goddess

“A flame doesn’t chase a moth.” – Jagriti

When should I awaken my Magnetic Goddess?

• If you’re a type-A, independent, hardworking and goal-driven person

• If people find you arrogant or insensitive even when you’re not

• If you have trouble sharing your emotions with others

Video: The Power of Magnetic Goddess

Inner Focus: Vulnerability

To awaken Magnetic Goddess, focus on expressing your vulnerability. You don’t have to be perfect all the time and it’s OK to fall apart and share yourself in that messiness. It makes you human. To tap into Magnetic Goddess it’s also important to slow right down so that you can feel into your emotion. Slowing down also creates space to attract what matters to you rather than chase it.

Outer Gift: Connection

Magnetic Goddess’ gift to the world is Connection. Through her vulnerability and authenticity, she invites others to share in her world and connect at a deep level. A real example of Magnetic Goddess is Princess Diana.