Erotic Goddess

“Seduction is an art and every woman’s an artist.” – Jagriti

When should I awaken my Erotic Goddess?

• If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others

• If you’re on autopilot and want to reconnect with your desire

• If you’re feeling creatively stuck or unable to sell your ideas

Video: The Power of Erotic Goddess

Inner Focus: Pleasure

To awaken Erotic Goddess, it’s important to focus on pleasure. It isn’t only sexual pleasure, it’s about experiencing pleasure in all areas of life through your five senses. The lack of pleasure has us feeling irritable, resentful or just “off”. Sometimes we can’t even put a finger on it (pardon the pun). When we’re ‘off’ we tend to attract more negativity and when we’re turned on, we attract more of what we desire.

Outer Gift: Creativity

Erotic Goddess’ gift to the world is Creativity. Many ancient teachings link the sacral chakra (sexual energy centre) to creativity. After all, that’s where all human creation begins. When we block, suppress, overhype or shame that part of ourselves, we restrict our ability to create. When we have a healthy relationship with our sexuality and our five senses, we’re able to let our creative juices flow (again pardon the pun). An example of this archetype is Madonna.