Cheeky Goddess

“Don’t take life too seriously, nobody makes it out alive anyway.” – Anon

When should I awaken my Cheeky Goddess?

• If you’re a perfectionist or workaholic and don’t have time for fun

• When you’re feeling anxious about starting a new venture

• When you’re feeling bored or boring

Video: The Power of Cheeky Goddess

Inner Focus: Fun

To awaken Cheeky Goddess, focus on having fun! Learn to let lose, be silly and have a laugh. Get some perspective and recognise that sometimes enjoying this moment is far better than worrying about a future that hasn’t happened. You don’t need to take yourself so seriously. Take in life with a sense of child-like wonder and you will notice yourself starting to enjoy it more.

Outer Gift: Joy

Cheeky Goddess’ gift to the world is Joy. She lights up a room when she walks in with her joyful radiance and people enjoy her company. She helps others get out of their heads, release their inhibitions and take life lightly. A real life example of Cheeky Goddess is Ellen DeGeneres.