About Me

If you feel a stirring within you, to be better…to live larger…to give more…

If you have a unique gift to offer others and want the courage to share these gifts…

If you recognise the only person standing in your way to live the life you want, is you…

…then I would love to support you.

I’m passionate about working with people who strive to make a difference and are on a continuous path of growth and self-discovery.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, executive, parent or a leader in any way, I can help you gain insights into yourself that will help you succeed in whatever role you play.

I offer a unique and deeply intuitive approach to personal development by bringing together more than 20 years of corporate training experience along with expertise in dance, meditation and feminine embodiment practices.

By intuitively and practically sharing insights on eight Goddess archetypes which I believe reside in each one of us, I support you to become MORE of who you are and accept all aspects of yourself.

These archetypes landed for me through years of meditation and self-enquiry and I believe they offer a deep, insightful and uniquely fun way to explore who you are and how you can bring your unique gifts to lead and inspire others.

Why I Chose Goddess Archetypes?

Years ago when I was spreading the word of my very first Goddess retreat on Facebook, I had a comment left by a stranger saying “Goddess? Really? What world are they living in?”

My initial reaction was to shrink and hide. “Really, Jagriti,” I thought to myself, “what world ARE you living in?”

The word “Goddess” is loaded with many connotations and often misused, so I get why some people roll their eyes at it.

The thought of seeing ourselves as immortal beings such as Gods, Goddesses or superheroes may seem far-fetched and almost offensive to some.

Yet, upon reflection I simply couldn’t find a better word to define what my work is about.

It’s about invoking the Goddess within each one of us.


I believe that when we awaken to the divinity within ourselves, we begin to see the divinity in others.  As this occurs, boundaries between us begin to dissolve and we approach ourselves and others from a place of compassion and understanding rather than judgement and blame.

Also, when you see the Goddess in yourself, you can’t help but hold yourself to a higher level of accountability. And that’s exactly what is required of leaders today.

This isn’t about being a ‘Goddess’ in the sense that you feel entitled, it’s about offering yourself in service to the world in the most authentic and empowered way possible.

There’s no taking a back seat to your life anymore because you’re forced to step into your truth, power and authenticity. You find the courage to stop playing a victim to your circumstances and start creating your life from a place of self-awareness.

Why I work with the ‘Feminine’

Sadly, in our world right now, the feminine aspect of ourselves, where-in lies deep intuitive wisdom, beauty, creativity, chaos, compassion and trusting surrender has taken a back seat. Instead there’s an over-emphasis on drive, ambition, intellect and external validation.

I believe the time is now to explore our feminine essence and to do this through Goddess archetype work is not only liberating but also fun!!

The Power of Archetypes

There’s good reason why for thousands of years, archetypes have been used in many cultures around the world to relate to aspects of ourselves. Whether you refer to recent superhero characters in comic books, Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes, or go further back in history to explore Greek mythology, the power of archetypes and storytelling helps us see our world in creative ways, full of possibilities.

Rather than reflect on ourselves in a literal way, by looking at the mundane problems we face as mere mortals, I’ve been drawn to view us as no less than Gods and Goddesses. So I guess to answer the question, what world am I living in?

I’m living in a world full of possibilities.