Are you ready to enhance your presence and influence?

I invite you on a unique journey of self-discovery.

Through an exploration of eight powerful Goddess archetypes, you’ll discover how to embody a more authentic, intuitive and heart-based approach to leading and influencing others.

As an individual, enhance your presence and impact by attending Jagriti’s unique personal development workshops and immersion retreats.

As an organisation, invite Jagriti to speak at your next conference or conduct women’s leadership development programs for your staff.

8-Day Feminine Leadership Challenge

Do you want to experience more of who you are?

Bring to life 8 Goddess archetypes over 8 days with my secret daily tips and find out which is your Power Goddess.

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The Framework

‘The Goddess Wheel’ (created by Jagriti Bhatia) is the framework which underpins the workshops, retreats and training offered by Jagriti.

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What’s in it for you?

• Have more clarity around your purpose and how to achieve it

• Find courage to let go of situations that aren’t serving you

• Gain more confidence, open-heartedness and magnetism

• Find your ‘flow’ to achieve your purpose with more ease

• Create relationships that have less friction and more joy

• Feel more connected and less lonely, depressed or anxious

• Be part of a supportive community that helps you grow and face challenges

What’s on Offer

Unbridled unleashing freedom.


Thanks for creating a beautiful experience that I've been able to draw on in times of need many months after the gorgeous retreat ended!


About Me

If you feel a stirring within you, to be better…to live larger…to give more…

If you have a unique gift to offer others and want the courage to share these gifts…

If you recognise the only person standing in your way to live the life you want, is you…

…then I would love to support you.

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